Sunday, March 28, 2010

The First

I've been thinking about this for sometime...blogging. I love to read other blogs and to see what some creative people are thinking. So here goes I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me, that's if there is anyone out there reading this.
Lately we seem to have gotten into a bit of a mess around here. The farm has been so busy that not much else has been done. It seems Mess has been the major discussion at the ATASDA too, with many posts about how to cope with the cluttered studio or house. Many of the women had ways of coping with the demands of cleaning and feeding a family. Usually their art and textiles seemed to win and the dust grew deeper in the corners of their homes. That's me an hour on the sewing machine is worth a 1/4 inch of dust. I have promised myself I will get my house in order. It's time to clear the dust and cobwebs.
It's the calving season here, fresh little shorthorn angus cross babies everywhere. It's very dry and we have to feed constantly but they really are cute. It's the beginning for them too


such a lovelly winters evening