Monday, December 13, 2010

the man at the rotary market thought some flowers would look great in this old jug....I said , "NO I'm going to dye fabric with it" he asked lots of questions.... I can't wait to see how much of the fire is still going tomorrow....I can have a play before the fire restrictions come in....amazing it is December and we have foot long GREEN grass and no fire restrictions


What a night....It's not WINDY, It's not HOT, It's not WET, It's not RAINING ... It isn't COLD It's just ... FABULOUS...the Stars are amazing . I've just dropped Maddie and her mates in the paddock. 5 sixteen year olds, 4 swags , some deck chairs ....FOOD & water...and a RADIO, I did here some tickling in the bags , and found some passion pop. Ed has built them a little fire with old bits of wood and could see it on mars.... I wish I was out there with my mates.....eating chocolate, watching the stars and giggling along with the RADIO. After the last few weeks of wild winds, rain and humid weather they have picked the best night for a sleep out under the stars.....I hope they always remember this one... There is not a breath of wind and the clouds have gone. I made them sushi and they cooked ginger bread, we will here the stories tomorrow. Now I will go to bed and plan which bundle I can put in what pot. Tomorrow I can try out my lovelly silk/ wool scarves I got from Dharma and Co. I found a great pot at the markets on Saturday will see if I can coax a Genie out of it...or at least some great colours....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


India just left a post about the locusts and the strange weather.... It is getting stranger and stranger... Now god has stopped moving her furniture around it is a little quieter here. the thunder and lightning have been amazing. As for the locusts... On the ABC radio the gardening guru suggested covering all your best plants with cream shade cloth.... because locusts only attack green things... He made it sound like a scientific break through... "Locusts only see green" Farmers and Gardeners are so resilient, I suppose the whine and whinge brigade are annoying, but most are really just voicing troubles. They will back up and try again next year for that elusive perfect season, where everything sells well, nothing dies and we have leftovers. I hope the locusts don't strip everything. Perhaps god in her wisdom has sent the storms to slow the locusts. I had to chuckle at the thought of Ed & I running into bunnings for cream shade cloth for 2200 acres.... this could be expensive.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The weather has been amazing, Ed is trying to make hay. The baler and rake are battling against the heavy crops causing many costly breakdowns. The rain and humidity have been full on. The upside is lots of Great hay, unlike the poor grain growers who were looking at a great season. Just coming out of a drought and NSW looked so good, now people are under water.
Just in front of the rain.....
I have finished a little christmas ball for my sewing groups Christmas swap.
Our challenge was to make an ornament for the tree..
the year is drawing to a close...I've started listing achievements and wondering when I will get the bills paid, or some cards written, perhaps a christmas email.
I think being here on the net has made me happier...watching lots of creative people at work. however it does chew up my time....not sure where it goes.
I wish I had read more books this year. Working with the students at the secondary college was great fun.... I have some photos of the English students work to post up today. Lorna's students made these for the Casterton Kids.


such a lovelly winters evening