Wednesday, December 8, 2010


India just left a post about the locusts and the strange weather.... It is getting stranger and stranger... Now god has stopped moving her furniture around it is a little quieter here. the thunder and lightning have been amazing. As for the locusts... On the ABC radio the gardening guru suggested covering all your best plants with cream shade cloth.... because locusts only attack green things... He made it sound like a scientific break through... "Locusts only see green" Farmers and Gardeners are so resilient, I suppose the whine and whinge brigade are annoying, but most are really just voicing troubles. They will back up and try again next year for that elusive perfect season, where everything sells well, nothing dies and we have leftovers. I hope the locusts don't strip everything. Perhaps god in her wisdom has sent the storms to slow the locusts. I had to chuckle at the thought of Ed & I running into bunnings for cream shade cloth for 2200 acres.... this could be expensive.

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such a lovelly winters evening