Saturday, October 1, 2011

TALENTED hhhmmmm

It's Interesting how we go about our lives.....My husband says I'm "Arty farty" the kids say "you're just weird Mum"....but everything I do has a touch of my sense of Art or Craft...
a Young local Lady of 93 years was buried and her life celebrated yesterday. I was asked to do some flowers at the Hall for the cuppa afterwards.....Around here we all pitch in...Normally I do food prep & cleaning  but the 'Flowers Lady' was away so I moved up to the job......It is a small community
Ed is on the cemetery trust so he & others dug the Hand.
I had many questions of where I learnt to arrange flowers.....?
 I was introduced to a new lady to the district as a VERy Talented Lady, thanks.
I think I take my abilities a little for granted..... but I always enjoy them.
No matter if its flowers, or sewing or a garden or textiles I always start with the same basic design principals...research & ideas. To turn up at the hall to find the local Gardens had been raided by several Owners and a variety of old vases were cleaned in the was a fun challenge.
Now I'm on to the Halloween Party- and a cake...I've been making things for the top of the cake....Just what every witch needs....frogs...bats...spiders and eye balls...I will paint them later
cobwebs of white chocolate I think.

costumes will be next.....maybe a scarecrow I think...Any ideas ??


such a lovelly winters evening