Tuesday, September 14, 2010


How cool, I've won the writting competition over at India Flints site Jude and I were lucky to be chosen... glad it wasn't my job. I've had a big week, the textiles have taken a back seat for awhile so I best get back into it and post some more photos cheers Shazz

Monday, September 13, 2010


Over on India flints blog....not all those who wander are lost ....India is running a little competition. We have to look at the photo on her post and write a story , so here is mine....Now run off and have a look at the photo, let me know what you think....wish me luck. http://prophet-of-bloom.blogspot.com/ It's our ticket to riches….a Laundrette, we will make a fortune Darling.” Willows words swam about in the back of Beau’s head as he tried to fix the washing machine for the 15th time this week. “Bloody plans, stinking money, Beau yelled aloud as he jammed his thumb. Everyone in the Beautiful Laundrette stared… “What are you lot looking at” bellowed Beau. The customers went back to guarding their piles of washing. Lazing about on miss matched refugee furniture from a 70’s hard rubbish drop. Uni students and lost souls watch their life go around in a dryer. How did I fall for this shit, thought Beau we haven’t made any money because nothing ever works in here… even the lone gold fish in the old TV cabinet aquarium is sick. A smell wafted past him as he pulled the machines sump apart….coins…bobby pins, rocks and screws fell across the old green laminate table top. The only screw I ever get is from these bloody machines moaned Beau. A guy was leaning on the door jam; he turned following the smell and the plume of smoke to his dryer. He flung the door open grabbed his small pile of precious clothes and ran to the street. As his hands burned from the washing he threw it to the pavement. Beau doused the smouldering lump, picked up his phone and dialled and 12456. “Call connect” said the helpful voice, “Can I have Fitzroy real estate please”


such a lovelly winters evening