Sunday, January 15, 2012


 There are always people ready to fit us into a BOX..... You see them look you up and down, or they ask "what do you Do ".....  but then I realized that I do this to myself too....I expect people to see me a certain way...recently I have had all my children home, all girls  26 and her partner, 24, 21 and 17,
thankfully the house is large....but that makes work too..... 
We have had our moments but it has been great to look at how others see things...... Apparently I'm a hoarder but  I don't need an intervention just yet, and I also don't keep the house tidy enough for some....
the youngest would like her time alone back I think....and My husband loves the noise and the banter..
When chatting to  a friend about the difficulties of living with grown children who have been out in the world and have come Back to the nest....We discovered the same problem..
I love my time alone, I like to sew and potter and clean up when it suits me....But I realized my children see us and want us to be as we have always been, providers, nurturing... Not as people in our own right living our lives. So I have found myself craving my SEWING.....and still up at strange hours of the night stitching and enjoying the piece and quiet of that hour....and the worst thing is that there will come a time shortly where they will all move on with 2012 and I will miss their faces, and the one who Irons, the one who folds, the one who cooks and they will be voices on the phone again  ...Here are some of my midnight embroidery..

                               This is an ATC I have sent to Tahlia for a birthday swap.It is felt I've cut and stitched......I love the little bit of blue / purple silk and bunny fibre i felted into the natural dyed wool....a little abstract but warm.....I hand stitched the felt to a piece of linen look fabric to make a neat backing giving it a lovely natural feel........

this is Part of a Fabric postcard. I've been playing with printing for a while now.....My collection of old nylon lace from Nana never seems to get used....So I thought I would print with it....actually I used a brush and paint and stippled through the lace on to the some nice patterns....I've added silk ribbon and threads to try to enhance the patterns from the lace......worked well and I hope to use it on a ATASDA fragments project more on that later.....

Saturday, January 14, 2012


gosh I didn't realize just how long it had been.....
the Halloween party was brilliant
the cake looked fantastic and we had an amazing week of celebrations
Bodies came out of swags, beds and corners for a huge breakfast sunday morning, I did managed an hour and half sleep....and the birthday girl loved it all

I had a container hidden in the top of the cake, which I put dry Ice in 
Then when I added the warm water
my caldron cake looked great

for My costume I ended up going as a REdback spider.....a couple of weeks before the party while cleaning I was bitten by a Redback....this is one of australias deadly spiders....thankfully I was bitten by a male So I just had pain, headaches and a big fright.... So I stuffed some stockings for legs, fizzed my hair and put a red stripe on my back....Redback

Saturday, October 1, 2011

TALENTED hhhmmmm

It's Interesting how we go about our lives.....My husband says I'm "Arty farty" the kids say "you're just weird Mum"....but everything I do has a touch of my sense of Art or Craft...
a Young local Lady of 93 years was buried and her life celebrated yesterday. I was asked to do some flowers at the Hall for the cuppa afterwards.....Around here we all pitch in...Normally I do food prep & cleaning  but the 'Flowers Lady' was away so I moved up to the job......It is a small community
Ed is on the cemetery trust so he & others dug the Hand.
I had many questions of where I learnt to arrange flowers.....?
 I was introduced to a new lady to the district as a VERy Talented Lady, thanks.
I think I take my abilities a little for granted..... but I always enjoy them.
No matter if its flowers, or sewing or a garden or textiles I always start with the same basic design principals...research & ideas. To turn up at the hall to find the local Gardens had been raided by several Owners and a variety of old vases were cleaned in the was a fun challenge.
Now I'm on to the Halloween Party- and a cake...I've been making things for the top of the cake....Just what every witch needs....frogs...bats...spiders and eye balls...I will paint them later
cobwebs of white chocolate I think.

costumes will be next.....maybe a scarecrow I think...Any ideas ??

Friday, September 30, 2011


21 years Ago on Halloween I delivered my 3rd Daughter
Leah Maree our bewitching Baby of Halloween
So the Birthday party planning is well underway...Obviously Its a halloween Party
so I've created a postcard for the invite
It's a photo of our house which I've 'fiddled with'
Not sure Leah will be happy with her head on a witch
But, she should have done it herself If she was looking for the Normal cute Baby photos and blah blah blah
So I'm off to town to have my photos printed
the details , Address etc I will print on the back....just add a stamp and the postcard invites are off

she was a cute Baby

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was going to Stitch & Giggle yesterday with no clue of what to take.
the time beast had stolen my morning, rounding up cows for the trip to market.
Funny how making a living gets in the way of my life sometimes.

It was a case of snatching up something to keep my hands busy while chatting with the girls.
Stitch & Giggle happens once each month...we have lunch, chat, sew and Knit. Compare our creations and hopefully inspire each other......
I found a piece of felt I had made, grabbed my threads and decided to doodle.

It is soothing to stitch sometimes....Just to let the thread take you, no concentration just simple pleasures....good company, great food and a needle and thread


such a lovelly winters evening