Monday, May 31, 2010

Big weekend....very slow Monday

It has been a very slow Monday...can't seem to get the jobs done. I'm busy with the organization for the Casterton Kelpie Muster. Having had a great couple of days in Melb with Family...a Trip home Sat morning footy all day....then it was off to the races for the day yesterday....just can't look at a spread sheet or a box of Kelpie Stuff Oh well , I'm off to put my head into it

Friday, May 21, 2010

debs & their parents

Starting to get my nose in front. Last week was a whirl through the Debutante ball. the stage looked great, the kids looked lovely, and they danced well. it was the parents who misbehaved. Amazing how people now think they have the right to complain about everything. If they are paying they have all the say....Well I'm not so sure. They complained that their son shouldn't have to wear what was picked out for him....and definately NOT tails. They didn't want their Daughters on a dirty stinking bus. It is the cleanest bus in the south west. they didn't want a tartan's a pipes and drums ball for god sake. Were not happy with the seating and wanted to sue if it wasn't changed. No wonder there are so many precious little princesses in the world. They are being brought up to demand everything their way, and to make allowances for nothing. Not sure how we make these people realize that the world is shared by all of us and if we want a nice ride we need respect and responsibility for our actions...


such a lovelly winters evening