Friday, June 17, 2011

I always find it inspiring to check out other peoples work Art, painting, dress making, building, journalism . It doesn't matter the job I just like to see how it all comes about. what gets you going... For Nat, making me this postcard came from frustration and anger. That was fine by me because the card is AmaZing....Nat from had an altercation with her over locker. I'm surprised the offending machine wasn't thrown overboard...Nat lives and sews on a boat on Darwin Harbour. So what floats your boat....what helps you to create....Music or silence...anger or peace I like to have my jobs done and some good music playing and definately no one looking over my shoulder.........

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


How beautiful is it when you come home from a huge day Volunteering in your community to find the house is in tatters everyone is hungry
but on the top of the mail is this.......
what a lovely post card from Nat there are stitches , paper and fabric and the back is just as nice..
thanks so much Nat...the lift in spirits was just what I needed. as Molly would say....'Do yourself a favour and check this one out' it is a great site and a very talented artist

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sorry I've not been about
lost a little momentum on the blogging side of life
I had some sewing things that dragged me away
some friends and I made a Mother of the groom outfit for a friend....lovelly silk in fabulous colours....that took alot of time and a trip to her beach house to sew it up.....lots of fun really
wine friends good food and sewing......all at the beach
Sad part about that story is she turned up to the Brisbane wedding in her 1 off designer outfit
and the best mans mum was wearing a top in the same fabric.....What the !!!! They agreed on having good taste and had a fantastic night.....
I then started on my daughters Deb dress...which seemed to take forever
very happy with the outcome though
How beautiful does Madds look....She looked comfortable and elegant and it really didn't look homemade....always a worry of mine
Now I'm back to the computer and my Kelpie festival this weekend
best go find some more volunteers to help out
check out the website
I have some plans for more dyes and stitching soon


such a lovelly winters evening