Monday, November 15, 2010


I hope you enjoy my students work...their design ideas were so good ...

from top left we have "a snake in the outback" & a red back spider

middle row is Australia , Blade put a bead on his map of where we live...and his background fabric was sharks & fish. Next to that is a star fish on the "great Barrier reef"

and the bottom row has "Kookaburras in a gum tree" and "a Day at the beach", the iron on transfers were a great way for the kids to achieve a high quality image..

I have stayed on to help the kids make Pj's and boxer shorts...

Here are some of the cards we have received....Natural forms was the theme for All.


Sorry I haven't been about enough. We've been to Canberra, what a great place to visit and it has been hectic. I visited Fiona Hammond and enjoyed an amazing lunch and lots of interesting photos and best of all her Bead work.. I was asked to help with a Yr 8 textile class at our local secondary college. I'm really not sure who the teacher is. I have learnt so much, mainly how difficult it can be to keep 14yr olds concentrating. What an experience I've had. The class had been making windcheaters and creating their own logos. I was given the first 6 kids to finish their work and we set about making Postcards to swap. We asked members of 'stitchin fingers' to swap a post card and Lorna from the UK offered her textile class to swap as well. So my kids made an A4 piece which we chopped into 4 postcards & then embellished them. The kids have kept a card and swapped the rest... We have received some fabulous cards from our ladies across the world and they are all keen to do this again next year...It is a little like pen pals of my generation...Some of my students have never had mail...WOW. I have great respect for teachers, but now I have even more...thank you to all involved


such a lovelly winters evening