Friday, September 30, 2011


21 years Ago on Halloween I delivered my 3rd Daughter
Leah Maree our bewitching Baby of Halloween
So the Birthday party planning is well underway...Obviously Its a halloween Party
so I've created a postcard for the invite
It's a photo of our house which I've 'fiddled with'
Not sure Leah will be happy with her head on a witch
But, she should have done it herself If she was looking for the Normal cute Baby photos and blah blah blah
So I'm off to town to have my photos printed
the details , Address etc I will print on the back....just add a stamp and the postcard invites are off

she was a cute Baby

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was going to Stitch & Giggle yesterday with no clue of what to take.
the time beast had stolen my morning, rounding up cows for the trip to market.
Funny how making a living gets in the way of my life sometimes.

It was a case of snatching up something to keep my hands busy while chatting with the girls.
Stitch & Giggle happens once each month...we have lunch, chat, sew and Knit. Compare our creations and hopefully inspire each other......
I found a piece of felt I had made, grabbed my threads and decided to doodle.

It is soothing to stitch sometimes....Just to let the thread take you, no concentration just simple pleasures....good company, great food and a needle and thread

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wandering the Unley road shops can be interesting when in Adelaide.
Sitting in the back corner with an old soaker hose and  remnants from a garden shed was this pot.
I did think a little of who might have owned it and what it did in a past life. Mostly my mind was on what I could do with it.....lovely greens could come from this. Such a good size. I really don't want to waste this opportunity..... copper makes great colours.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My 1st Chance at spring cleaning, I thought I would start small yesterday. This little garden bed on the eastern side of my house has always had bulbs and pretty flowers at this time of year. Yesterday it was knee high with I snuck out in the sun and attacked it. I planted more herbs and I hope to turn it into a more practical edible garden. It's raining again, so no more gardening today. It looks great this morning, but I don't. I flicked a branch from the rose bush into my eye, its such a silly thing to happen. Driving me nutty today, I think I will stick to a needle and thread.....

Monday, September 5, 2011


I've been Getting a little deep in a blogging discussion over at the smallest forest
Why do we blog?...what is there to gain?
what did we expect when we started? After checking my Stats , I think I'm here for the people, not the fame or fortune.
I feel that blogging gives me an opportunity to connect with all sorts of people across the show what I like and how I do exchange for their thoughts and ideas...No strings attached...
I wondered if the old communes and artist colonies were like blogging....somewhere you could go to work, push boundaries and discuss the world with no hangups or problems from a selfish world...
So what happened to people still say " I'm a writer and philosopher."
In australia we have just completed a examines every household on one night..incomes, jobs who lives there etc etc.... What would you put on the form for JOB....I always put farmer with my tongue firmly in the corner of my cheek....I struggle with the tags...If I say I'm a farmer, some laugh and say no you married a farmer....I can't count how many times I've been asked "so You don't work? what do you do all day".I usually answer with, " I just watch daytime TV".....Strange how farmers are often not considered to

be business people.
I do all the book work and I'm the farm hand at the drop of a hat..Mother and Partner, I'm a gardener when its not too wet to pull weeds, I'm the family secretary, gopher and fix it and I volunteer in the community. I'm a qualified interior decorator but I found that career was not for me, I use lots of those skills in my life though.
Would anyone put Artists as their occupation ? I know lots of very clever people who do not like to class themselves as an artists.
What's the difference between ART and Craft ???

Friday, September 2, 2011


it was so nice to come home yesterday....I wasn't gone for long and I've done lots of driving....It was fantastic to see my daughter Leah and spend some time with her in her home....
I came home to more Birthday swap, fabric postcards...It is very nice to receive these little art works....
I was also given a Quiltie....this little soft quilt was made my a stitchin fingers friend..

Nanette has woven strips of fabric the browns and golds are her natural dyed fabrics.
she has then stitched on my sun and lots of little rays of hand stitching...very clever...
and the back is just beautiful too

More natural dyes, with rusty nails and gum leaves even has a hanging slip
now where do I hang It.....Hmmmm
This little 'winter sun" has put a big smile on my face


such a lovelly winters evening