Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was going to Stitch & Giggle yesterday with no clue of what to take.
the time beast had stolen my morning, rounding up cows for the trip to market.
Funny how making a living gets in the way of my life sometimes.

It was a case of snatching up something to keep my hands busy while chatting with the girls.
Stitch & Giggle happens once each month...we have lunch, chat, sew and Knit. Compare our creations and hopefully inspire each other......
I found a piece of felt I had made, grabbed my threads and decided to doodle.

It is soothing to stitch sometimes....Just to let the thread take you, no concentration just simple pleasures....good company, great food and a needle and thread


  1. I keep wishing I could get something like that Stitch & Giggle happening here, but we can't seem to all get together at one time. We Darwinites are so slack. ;)
    Very brave of you to just doodle, I think I would end up with something really boring, like parallel lines or something! Thank you for the visit earlier today. Happy stitching!



such a lovelly winters evening