Saturday, January 14, 2012


gosh I didn't realize just how long it had been.....
the Halloween party was brilliant
the cake looked fantastic and we had an amazing week of celebrations
Bodies came out of swags, beds and corners for a huge breakfast sunday morning, I did managed an hour and half sleep....and the birthday girl loved it all

I had a container hidden in the top of the cake, which I put dry Ice in 
Then when I added the warm water
my caldron cake looked great

for My costume I ended up going as a REdback spider.....a couple of weeks before the party while cleaning I was bitten by a Redback....this is one of australias deadly spiders....thankfully I was bitten by a male So I just had pain, headaches and a big fright.... So I stuffed some stockings for legs, fizzed my hair and put a red stripe on my back....Redback

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  1. Sharon, you are looking beautiful in your costume. Will come back later to see about dyeing when I have more time. We are at McDo's Internet in france.



such a lovelly winters evening