Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Wow 2011...a new year, a new decade Never really tried a new years resolution, maybe a to do list would be better.... Nat listed 15 things last year, which she has just reviewed...OK so she didn't get them all completed but I like Her Theory. Her Other interesting post was about 'The Stash' I seem to have a huge range of craft 'stuff' which is great living out of town, I can rummage about and come up with things. But I think I do need to commit to finishing some things in this new decade, Or maybe I need to move on ... my craft/sewing has always been for gifts, for us, to wear, reasonably practical. Perhaps I need to make things to sell.... who would buy it ??? I Have an idea selling would be more difficult. perhaps I get a job packing shelves at Coles and just keep making what I like...... Each month ( baby steps) I will commit to finishing something OR/ using something from my stash, When I'm finished it, then and only then can I start a new project.... Commitment 1.. January I will Finish Last years 'stitch and giggle' pass it on piece. happy new year everyone


  1. It looks like you're far enough away to not have been directly affected by the rain - I sure hope so. Happy New Year and good luck on that resolution (saying is out loud, or blogging it, is half the battle!).

  2. i resolved not to make resolutions
    or something
    happy everything....and remember to breathe

  3. Christie my south west corner of western victoria is doing well.
    The rain only caused minor issues with making Hay. We are the lucky ones.

    India I'm Not sure you have time for a resolution in amongst all your travel plans...



such a lovelly winters evening