Friday, March 18, 2011

HANDS we owe them so much

I had a message today from Indiana about her 'paws'. I love this photo, such a soft touch....those hands seem to care for the felt....
Then there are these hands.....My daughter removing her Dad's stitchers last night....
His farmers hands and her soft girlie hands...56yrs of australian sun and toil...16yrs of school and sport....He put a wool bale hook through his hand.... It is a little like a pirates hook and you use it to roll big 180 kg wool bales around. Amazing what can happen on a farm. Flung himself out of the truck to load the wool and slipped, next thing he had to remove the hook from his hand and get 7 stitches....
I have given my hands a terrible time this week. 3 days in a wool shed is great for the lanolin but the branding and penning up, dogs and fly treatments are a little harsh....Another Daughter is in a wedding tomorrow so I had to make some alterations to the dress before she stepped out in it....amazing what people think fits.... They go to amazing lengths yet some things, near enough is is OK now thanks to those hands.....


  1. Ouch ...such a great photo that one Sharon ....such care ....yes our hands are overlooked yet the most important ...x

  2. nasty. would NOT want a bale clip let alone a bale hook through my hand.
    blessings all round

  3. been a while since I came round to your blog, Shazz...happy to find you toeing the balance between beauty and pain, the only sort of life worth living, though am sorry to hear about the hubby's accident...beautiful, though, that he is looked after so tenderly by his own.
    Love and lots of warm hand-squeezes! N



such a lovelly winters evening