Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wow dogs, dogs and more dogs Casterton Kelpie Muster is over .....My clean up will be on going though Such a great weekend of good cheap entertainment...lots of hard work for all the volunteers and commitee . I organized the catereing for the hungry people at the dog auction on sunday....with the help of 40 or so people, maybe more. We had the usual home made soup, Hot donuts, steaks , salad wraps, Lamb rolls with gravy...sausages , hamburgers and lots and lots of chips. Probably not the 'master chef' idea but it is what they want. The dogs sold well, $130,000 gross, top dog was $8600 ... for a dog...My Kari says it should cook tea and do the washing for that. we have sold 1.1 Million dollars worth of dogs now... The town has put it's best foot forward again. A Parade of happy locals, lots of games and so many Kelpies..

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such a lovelly winters evening