Wednesday, July 7, 2010

better weather

The weather was so cold and wet last week that it was difficult to think past HOT food and a warm place. the last 2 days have been so nice. Cold starts , with a frost on the ground, but warm sunny days. the sunset has been clear and red, no wind and with a big fire in an old log down the paddock, it was great. While we mark the lambs we always have an inviting fire going for our lunch to stew away while we work....or so I can burn the sausage rolls. I thought I would be clever and put them (still frozen) in a camp oven with some coles from the fire on top....and they would warm.....not burn and end up like lumps of brick...never mind will try again. I can't resist the is great to boil up some leaves and do some dye pots. Koala food as the better half calls it. India Flint speaks of time being your friend when you dye this way. It is best to keep track of time and let things rest and wait...yeah right. I bundled up some wool and silk with leaves I collected from Murrays Cottages in Penola. So many Eucalyptus and a great 9 hole golf course I will be going back there. The pots were boiled and left to themselves for the night. Well I have no patients so the fact that the tin bucket with my wool scrap in it is 5 kms away is the only thing stopping me from opening it.

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  1. laughed about the sausage rolls...when i was married and living at Andamooka i thought i'd bake bread in the camp oven
    it was too hot
    and i left it too long
    result, perfect black imitation coconut



such a lovelly winters evening