Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wood , wood and more wood

Just loaded 44 tonne of redgum wood on a truck... this was a fundraiser for our local football club. It leaves me questioning the ethics of cutting and burning this beautiful timber. We need warmth, wood is renewable. Is it better than gas or electricity ? We had a big storm go through last year that left a massive trail of distruction. We could never use all the wood in our life time that it left on the ground. So it is better to cut it up and sell it, rather than rot away or us burn it to clean up the paddocks. No one puts up their hands to come plant trees to replace it though. What does the money go towards... well hopefully better facilities. Anything that encourages young adults to get off the couch and play sport. Some have strange ideas of their worth...amazing how people with little family support and issues with alcohol and drugs all think they are Sooooooooo good.... Country football and netball is about to die unless more people come help us run the clubs... No responsibility for what needs to be done... They just want to be paid and don't seem to think that they should train. Apparently they are so good they don't need to do that. It is frustrating yet if We stop running these clubs, where will these country kids the pub ? Hopefully our wood will keep someones family warm and a business running.

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