Monday, February 7, 2011


Well it's February, I laughed when I read my last post....India was so right...I think I need to resolve to not make a new years resolution....Breath and move on
I have been trying some gelatin printing. I've used all sorts of scraps of fabric.
Basiclly I've been using fabric paint on a block of Gelatin to create patterns and colours.
I dried them and set them with a hot iron and then began stitching by machine and hand
I layered lolly wraps from christmas, under organza and stitched some more.
I'm very happy with the colours. It has certainly been an interesting process
and I hope Pauline will like her Birthday Card when she gets it.

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  1. This looks so stunning Shazz....can i ask what a block of Gelatin is...sounds so interesting.



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