Monday, August 30, 2010


Well it's over, all the hard work and concern have passed. The hall looked great and proved to be a fantastic venue. I was pleased with how it all looked.... the different community groups who were involved loved it.
but I have decided that the more I have to do with the general public the more I like my dog.....
We just didn't get the support from the community.... We didn't get much of a go in the local paper, my adds and posters just didn't seem to find the mark. I had contacted every textile and art group I could think of but they weren't all supportive. We did raise a little bit of money for relay for life, but really not what I had hoped for. It can be so expensive to advertise...and it isn't guaranteed that the public will turn up. I asked lots of questions and some of the comments amazed me...people have quite strange ideas and perceptions.
The people who came loved it and I have had lots of fantastic comments. People have asked that we do it again.... The support of friends who helped with setup and packup was priceless, thanks girls.

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such a lovelly winters evening