Monday, August 30, 2010

SAFFRON & the Maharajahs Garden

Emma helping to unpack Saffron the suitcase. I have had a great week ushering Saffron the suitcase around my community. This display by the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association arrived in the post. I showed her to Casterton Secondary College and Bainbridge college students before exhibiting her with the other community groups. She then went to Dartmoor to be shown to that community. It was fantastic to be able to go through the display book and see how these talented people had made their works. This was such a fantastic tool for the textile students.

(above) this is the Cobbadah centre of my daughters School, this is a common room connected to the canteen...a fantastic room where the students can sit , eat, chat and stay warm.

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such a lovelly winters evening