Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wow it is so cold....I think I will have to get into the felting today to warm up. I have found a fabulous textile artist to add to my long list of places to go and wonder. Cecile has some fantastic photos on her blog... go there and check out her beautiful work.

I have been away on a 5 day road trip with my Dad. He has Kelpies which he works in Yard Dog trials. It's nice to spend some time with him and to meet his friends. I wish I could have stopped along the way and collected some eucalyptus leaves... but 76yr old farmers just don't get pots of boiling leaves. No time for that rot !

It is great to get back to organizing my textile exhibition.... I have decided to add some heritage textile work. To move forward and improve it is sometimes good to look back and see how it was done in the past. Perhaps people will see the art in some of the beautiful old garments. A local group have some Embroidered Irish linen and another Friend has her Mothers Trou`sseau which was all hand sewn. the local Heritage Society are helping with display cases and some lovely things from their collection. It's exciting.

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such a lovelly winters evening