Friday, July 15, 2011


tHIS Dye stuff is soooo addictive....... I plot what I will put in a bundle, wrap it with care and then boil it as gently as possible Then I have to wait.....the waiting is hard. I only lasted 2 days with these bundles and I was going to open 1 each day, I didn't . Like sherbert bombs......I just had to have another.....and another.......until they were all open This one had an old brass tap head inside can see the little flash of green My little mate loved his new matches his pearls.....everyone laughs at his pearls....but I love him sitting on my back verandah watching our lives wizz past... This piece of silk was quite pretty , it is tissue silk .....the red onions and brass tap worked well. I love my old taps they are so heavy and they are great to bind.

I think we would all rather be playing but sometimes the work just has to be done. This is a favourite spot on our farm. Our neighbour fenced this little square off and let the gum trees self we own the paddock and have our yards beside it. You can't see a house or a road or anyone from here is just magic and a fantastic place for lunch when you're working. And I get to play with my pots with the fire....koala food Ed calls it I found this pot in an opp shop and I've been waiting to wrap it up for a while... I've wrapped the pot with some gum leaves and a scarf that is 40% wool and 60% silk......the other little bundles are various bits of metal and some silk and wool to wrap them up....I love to use the woollen threads in embroideries....and as gifts for stitching friends. I pleated a big silk wrap and then popped leaves in each pleat......I twisted it and wrapped it around railway spikes and placed it all INSIDE the brass pot. NOW you will have to wait with me to see what magic comes from 'Reg's Corner' and my latest boil up.......

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such a lovelly winters evening