Thursday, July 21, 2011


I held out for 5 days before opening my bundles (see my previous post) the colours were great ... but the patterns were amazing. I took to the iron...that's the best way to really see all the patterns and colours....It isn't because I want the scarf to be smooth...just think I see more and the SMELL is terrific.....gum leaves ....WOW

this is a piece of old silk from a dress I found in an opp shop....
now what to make of it .....perhaps a book cover

 this is the 40% silk & 60% woollen scarf I wrapped around my brass jug with some leaves

This one is metals and some onion skins on silk, so rich.

this is a very large silk is very fine and soft. I spent 2 hours pleating it and putting leaves in each pleat.....twisted it and wrapped it around some iron....I have achieved this pattern a couple of times now and I love it.

some more pleats this time on a fine tissue silk....I love how the binding looks like feathers

love to see these knitted up


  1. wow..fantastic... so great India passed this on to us. Will follow and subscribe to your blogx happy dyeing xxx lynda
    and a photo diary at

  2. Here via India, too :>] What you are doing with pleating is completely *the bomb*! Many thanks for posting your beautiful & inspiring results...

  3. here via facebook fsd
    the twisting the result

    love it



such a lovelly winters evening