Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last week we had such nice winters days...sunny but crisp I enjoyed working outside marking our lambs....standing at the fire at lunch time with my pea and ham soup, I wished I had bundles bubbling along in my dye pots. So thats what I did on Friday night... after work I checked out the garden I found this , I can't possibly boil that....but there was an older flower on its way to the ground and I wonder what this will do ........So I headed to my little camp fire in the paddock... picked up sticks and boiled pots . The dark crept up on me and before I realized it I was surrounded by 40, two year old steers. They had formed a circle, just on the edge of the light of the fire.....they were watching the crazy human boiling things and playing with fire. These cattle are so inquisitive....and they love the coals of a fire. I drove off leaving my pots to simmer and grow cold in the dark. It is now Monday night and I'm busting to go down the paddock and check out my bundles. I'm sure the 'BOYS' will have sniffed and stood on the pots, turning them upside down in the dirt. lets hope I find lots of colour.....

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such a lovelly winters evening