Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last year I made myself a little needle case
on a lanyard of felt with a cutter on the end

It is so soft and it opens out to reveal a small silk pouch for threads
and the folded felt holds needles safe

the press stud was not a good closure ....I need to reinforce that better next time 
 but everything else is great
I can hang it about my neck and stitch happily anywhere

This is the new little case, I love how the stitching I did before I felted has turned out.

Here it is opened out, I've added some extra flaps of felt for needles.
I'm Very happy with how it's coming along
I will add a pouch for threads next
I used a resist to create a channel for the lanyard to slip through

This is a project I've been carrying around for months
Football, sewing days....my mum's house It even went on a holiday
It's just a long piece of prefelt
with lots of stitching , lace wool and silk added to it
I want to photograph it now, take some measurements
FELT it and then check out what everything has done
thought I would show you the start
I dyed the prefelt with gum leaves in soapy water....Actually we were marking lambs, a very dirty job. I always have a bucket of warm water to wash up before lunch. It ended up being very soapy. I had organized some bundles to dye over the camp fire.....But I ran out of rain water...so the last bundle was prefelt with gum leaves in an aluminium pot , with the soapy water....I got lovely subtle purples and Yellows
I will keep you posted when I've felted the scarf  happy stitching


  1. Your work is really beautiful Shazz!

  2. curious about the soapy water...?

  3. Hi those needle cases are lovely Ive just replied to your message I have just gone onto the website Ive sent you but the courses are horrendously expensive I didnt realise ........ill know some bloggers do courses so ill bet you can find a quilting course through blogland .......xx

  4. Gad, I haven't been paying attention! So many new posts to read! Visiting your blog and finding that you've been so busy...making things, dyeing things, even gone on holiday (!)...brings home one of the things I just love about reading friends' blogs: that sense of a person's rich personal and inner life, going on behind the blog template, beyond my laptop screen, where I can't see it and can only imagine delicious things happening. A secret brewing. And then, once in a while, a surprise...the curtain pulled back (or something shoved out in front of the curtain) to ooh and ahh over. I love your dedication to natural dyes.



such a lovelly winters evening