Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today has been difficult, in fact the past few weeks have been. To support family through difficult times is hard, but it's something I would always choose to do. Even when I can't see the way forward myself, I know it's my job to take them by the hand and guide them as best I can.
I have good friends & family to turn to for support.....But today I lost a good mate, one who always listened -unless he was chasing something....and he just loved a pat, He loved a walk down the road to sniff  things...just the best thing to have a pet, unconditional love.........

RIP Willy.... lets hope you got that snake before he got you......

We've had one frighten Maddie while she was unloading the wood and now Willy has been killed. It's too early and too wet for snakes, they say they're being washed out and are not happy......could be a very scary summer if this keeps up......


  1. Oh, Shazz, I'm so sorry about Willy. It is so hard to lose a furry loved one. All good wishes to you.

  2. Oh no poor you and poor Willy .......thats very scary ....take care ......xx



such a lovelly winters evening